Exporting Around the World


Exporting to  The former British Empire   click below


Exporting to the USA

      Before we can start the export process you must tell us what international airport is nearest to you or what international you wish the rifle sent to.,we cannot get an export price from our export agent without this information.

      We will then give you the export cost and this will be added to the total sale cost


                 Cost of Rifle say  £1000.00  plus the export cost say £350 so the total cost is £1,350. This cost must be paid before we can continue to export.  We only require the purchase price of the sold item,  the export fee must be paid direct to our Export Agent   

           Once you have purchased one of our Rifles including export cost to our Export Agent ,  we will issue the USA importer of your rifle a letter stating that the rifle has been in the Uk for five years. We will send the original letter to the USA importer and a dated letter stating that the firearm was stored in the UK for the "last five years". This is a BATFE USA import requirement.

 We high recommend   as your USA Importer of your rifle as they have the 'know how ' to navigate the ATF System and fill-in all the ATF  forms correctly.  We have never had any firearm arm rejected using Simpsons Ltd.

            At this point we will take your rifle to our export agent and transfer it to him, At this point the export agent takes control of the whole process.

      We will also send your USA importer a copy of the purchase receipt ( rifle purchase price only with no export cost) as this is need by the importer to get a ATF F6 IMPORT FORM ( below PDF File)


                                                     ATF F6 IMPORT FORM


     The importer into the USA will always request an invoice because the ATF F6 import permit application requires the value of the sale.  

     Once these documents in hand, the importer will type up the F6 import permit application and submit it to BATFE Imports Branch in Martinsburg, WV.

     It should be approved inside 30 days. Once approved, At this stage the importer will require payment for there services. Once the importer has been paid, The importer will supply the approved F6 permit to the exporter. He can then proceed with the export process. The new owner of the gun will be required to fill out an End User Undertaking, (EUU), for the exporter



                                         END USER UNDERTAKING FORM   EUU






Once he has it and the export license in order, he can ship to a broker in the USA who will clear it through U.S. Customs and Border Protection, (CBP), and ship it on  for processing in the USA. All export forwarding fees should be collected directly from the new owner

When the rifle arrives in the USA there will be one more invoice to pay  for broker services, Customs duty and carriage from the arriving airport to the importer and then from there to the owners FFL dealer of the new owners choosing. Once paid in full the ship the rifle to the FFL in the new owners town for pickup by the new owner

                                Main USA importer

                                   ATF Website link






Weapons must comply with certain requirements and conditions on, or prior to, import into Australia and these are referred to as ‘tests’.

In addition to these tests, permission to import must also be issued by the relevant permit issuing body.  The permit issuing body may be the Police or Customs and Border Protection.

Some weapons are subject to the Police certification test. Weapons subject to the Police certification test do not require written permission to import from Customs and Border protection, however, they do require Police approval in the form of a B709B Form - Importation of Weapons - Police Certification under the Police certification test.  



Importing Firearms into Austraila

 Export to the Channel Islands

All firearms that do require shipping to ANY of the UK Channel Islands must have a import licence from there jurisdiction or Law Enforcement Agency prior to purchasing any firearm from the UK.. 


 No product offered for sale by us will be knowingly shipped or transferred to a person in any jurisdiction where it is unlawful to receive or possess such product.

British Customs and Boarder force will require a copy of the invoice of the firearm being Exported from the UK for taxation purposes.