UK Spec

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  This Section is for UK Spec deactivated  ONLY 

            No Sale to EU or EEA member states

 We ship to Northern Ireland as it is part of the UK

Very Early FN Fal Gewehr 1 West German Boarder Guard dated  1957  SLR

                                         Only in production for 13 months   

                                             Fully Strippable and Dry firing

                                                    Very early deactivation


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WW2  Canadain  Bren Gun Mark 1    303   dated 1942

                       Fully strippable and Dry firing

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WW1 British Officers .22  training Webley Revolver

                   Dry firing and fully strippable

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          WW1 Luger  DWM  9mm  dated 1918

Fully matching numbers including the magazine

                  Dry firing & Fully strippable

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WW1  Luger Pistol  dated  1918   full matching number

                       Dry firing &  Fully strippable

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Mauser C96 Germany manufactured    7.63  in good order

                       Fully strippable and dry Firing                 

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  ArmaLite  AR10 one of the first ever made (1957) 

   Pre 95  deactivation (1994)  dry firing / strippable



Pre 95 Spec Old Spec Model 49/57 Submachine gun 

              Dry firing & Fully Field Strippable



WW2 Russian M44  Carbine   dated 1944    Tula Arms Plant  factory stamped

                                                   Dry firing and Strippable



100% Original  WW2  1943 Tokarev TT-33 Semi-Automatic Pistol

                     with two matching numbered magazines

                                Dry firing and totally strippable 

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WW1 German Army 27mm Hobal Flare Pistol model 1894



WW2  Fully Sectionalised 1941  British 'Enfield manufactured' 

                                    Bren Gun Mark 1    303

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                WW2  Bren Gun  Mark 1  .303  dated 1942  

                              UK Spec  Dry firing and fully Strippable

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Rhodesian  Lacoste LDP   9mm Sub Machine gun

               Early spec  Dry firing / Strippable



WW2 Webley Mk4  .38  British Colonial Service issue

                      Dry firing and strippable

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WW2 Enfield  38/200 Revolver   No2 Mark 1

                     Dry firing & Strippable

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WW1 Vickers Machine Gun  .303   'K' Series  1918

                              in Transit Case

                   Dry firing and fully Strippable

                   Sympathetically  deactivated

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WW2  Walther P38    9mm   Dated   1943  Nazi marked

                                Dry firing and fully Strippable

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 Swiss Luger  06/29   dated  1944 complete with  its

               Original Holster and spare magazine

       Fully dry firing & fully strippable  UK Spec


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Lee Enfield RFI Number 1 Mark 3*   1955   Indian Pattern

                        Dry Firing and fully Strippable

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       WW2  Mg34    Light Machine Gun   7.92   dated 1942 

   Full Nazi  Eagle and Waffen stamped Light Machine Gun

                         Fully Strippable and Dry firing

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Rare WW2   Mauser   model 1910/34 transitional      6.35 mm

                              Dry firing & Fully strippable



WW2  Canadain  Bren Gun Mark 2    303   dated 1944

                       Fully strippable and Dry firing

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Boar War 303 Enfield  Martini Henry  Service Rifle dated 1895

                           Used by the British Land  Army

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      WW2  Sten Gun Mark 3   Lines Brothers  1942-1943

          Strippable BUT NOT Dry firing (post 95 deactivation

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WW1 Webley MkVI   .455  British Officers Service  Revolver  dated 1918

                   This Webley has clear cylinders (pre 95 Spec) 

                                    Dry firing and Fully Strippable 

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WW2 Sten Gun Mk2   9mm  fully marked   Sub machine gun

                  very early deactivation 1990 (pre 95 spec)

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German Walther P1  9mm  used in the Cold War                  fully strippable & Dry firing

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                                WW2  Mg34   Machine Gun dated 1941   

CRA Marked for Alkett  only 15000 ever manufactured and the rarest of all Mg34's

2014-01-01 00.01.55.jpg
2014-01-01 00.03.13.jpg

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WW2  Enfield manufactured Bren Gun Mk1   .303    Dated   1943

                                Dry firing & Fully strippable

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WW2 Bren Gun Mk1  .303  Lithgow manufacture   dated  1942

                             Dry firing & Fully strippable

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                WW2  Nazi German P38  9mm   dated 1943

          Full Nazi Eagle and Waffen stamped for Spreewerk

                     Fully Strippable and Dry firing                   



WW2  German Mp34   dated 1942   Sub machine gun    Fully Waffern Stamped

                           Comes with its Bayonet and leather sling

                                      Fully strippable and dry Firing                 

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 Bosnian War   Mg53     7.92   Fully Automatic Machine Gun   dated 1953

      Zastava M53 built using original captured  Nazi German machinery

                                   Fully Strippable and Dry firing

                          Used on both sides in the Bosnian War

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WW2  Nazi Luger  9mm  dated  1938   rare S/42  Factory code

                                  Fully matching numbers

                 UK Spec   Dry firing and Fully Strippable



WW1 Luger  1918  compete with original Holster and Spare matching magazine

                       All matching numbers  and very early deactivation 1990

                                   UK Spec Dry firing and totally strippable


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WW1 Artillery Luger 'Carbine'  9mm  dated 1916  very early production

                              UK Spec  Fully dry firing & fully strippable


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