UK Spec

These are mostly Pre 95 Specification Deactivated Guns. These are available for sale to Clients outside of the EU or other Clients inside the EU who are intended for them to be Exported at sometime in the Future from the EU and are ' in the Process of exporting outside the EU'.


   CZ Automatic Pistol                   Date 1950                                   £250 inc P&P

Deactivated 1989            Dry fires and strippable             Email to Order Only

Bren Gun Mark 2  .303   date 1944  fully strippable and dry fires , a rare Blonde version made by Daimler very last of the old UK Spec

                                             £850.00 + £20 P&P


Soviet PPSH 41 Sub Machine Gun. Full matching numbers and 1943 dated Tula production and has a drum magazine. 

                                                   £390.00 + £20 P & P

Very early  pre 1995 spec Bren Gun Mark 1    .303  

 dry fires and everything functions,  very rare Bren gun

     100% Full take down  and in great condition

                               £900.00  + £20.00  postage

 Bulgarian AK-47 assault rifle, early milled receiver

dates to the late 1950's

 Rare early type of AK47 before cheaper metal           stamping took over


Maadi AK 47 ms  7.62 x 39,  lovely condition


 AK47     7.62  x 39                              Russian                     £350 +£20 P&P

Deactivated   2016                         no dry fire             Email to Order Only