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      WW1  Vickers Machine Gun  .303    1918     K prefix serial number

    This is a very nice original WW1 Vickers machine gun  dating from early 1918,  it is pre 1995 early deactivation.

     Built in early 1918 at the Vickers Crayford Factory as part of an ongoing war office contract to supply Vickers machine guns to the British Army. 


    The Vickers machine gun was idea for the Trench warfare of WW1 as almost any part could be change in a front line trench dug out without going back to the Armours. 


  A great looking gun and a must for any WW1 collector  


The engineering is outstanding, built to last forever


Almost all parts are marked with the Vickers Crayford factory  stamps

2014-01-01 00.04_edited.jpg

   This is a great show piece and the operating mechanic's is a wonder to see


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