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 WW2  Number 4T  .303 Sniper Rifle   Dated 1944   Normandy invasion  era

                               Manufactured at the BSA Shirley Factory 

                         Holland & Holland factory stamp on receiver. 

                  FTR in 1947 at the R.S.A.F Fazakerley as War Reserve 

    This Number 4T  .303 Sniper rifle fitted with its original Number 32 Mk3 scope was deactivated in 1989.  This Number 4T Sniper rifle has all matching numbers including the magazine.

    Sympathetically deactivated in 1989 to the very old deactivation specification and is fully dry firing and fully strippable.  This was the last version of the Number 4T manufactured in 1944 and fitted with the latest Number 32 Mk3 used in WW2.

     This is a very good example of a period WW2 British Army Sniper  rifle probably in time for the Normandy landings   


     The British Army Number 4T  .303 staying in service into the late 1960's and was replaced the the NATO Spec  7.62 L42A1 which was a modified Number 4T re-barrelled in 7.62.

     Over 50,000 were finally  manufactured but most were scrapped by the British Army as unserviceable in the late 1940's.  This Number 4T went though the  R.S.A.F. Fazakerley  refurbished (FTR) 1947 program  and stored as War Reserve stock.  



Nice side view of the receiver and scope



WW2 BSA Shirley factory war code M47,  the date 1944 and then the serial number .  The TR stands for 'Telescopic Rifle' .  Also the first number in the serial number is '3' which indicates it was manufactured at BSA & Co. 

       British WW2 War rifle factories had there own first pre fix number war code.  



    Holland & Holland factory stamp on left-hand side of receiver to show the Number 32 Mk3 scope was factory fitted by Holland & Holland. The BSA Shirley factory inspection stamp on right hand side of receiver.

    The number on the butt is the No32 Mk3 scope number and inside the butt is stamped the rifle number.



          The first number '3' in the serial number indicates it was manufactured by BSA .   Each Factory had its own prefix number and 3 pre was for BSA &Co

    The 1947 over hall (FTR) by R.S.A.F Fazakerley of WW2 Lee Enfield rifles was a large order to the Fazakerley factory by the War Office to maintain the UK War reserve stock levels.


Heading 2


The screw were staked on the Scope pads to stop them moving under recoil



The scope holders are numbered in pairs to stop mismatching


                                                  Above and below

Number 32 Mk3 scope was the third and last version fitted to the Number 4T Sniper rifle.  The optics are in very good condition and clear. Fully marked with the correct OS2039 A  pattern number.  The scope serial number is underneath the pattern number No 25001

                        The Red W means it has been Factory waterproofed


Nice clear marking's 



Un-usual R S letter Stamp, no idea what it indicate.  Normally the 'S' indicate  the rifle has been sighted in by the Holland & Holland factory and inspector.



The magazine is common numbered to the serial number



S51 was the Factory war code for Holland & Holland



A nice view of the Number 4T


     This is a very nice clean Number 4T Sniper Rifle deactivated well before there was any interest in Number 4T 's as a collectible item. 

    This Number 4T Sniper Rifle has come from a very respected local collector who collects is only the best,  he has been a collector for many years.



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