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WW2  Nazi German  Walther  P38   dated 1943   9mm  

             Great Condtion and matching numbers

    This WW2 Nazi stamped Walther  P38 was manufactured at the site of the original Walther Arms Factory at Zella-Mehlis, Germany in 1943.

   It has the Nazi war factory code  'ac' and waffern stamp 'WAa 359' for Walther

Zella-Mehlis factory and the date 43 stamped (1943).

  It has matching serial number 918d on the side and at the front under the barrel. 

           Fully dry firing and fully strippable it has a smooth clean action

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       In the early years, the P.38 was produced only by the firm of Carl Walther in Zella-Mehlis, Germany. The first weapons were marked with the Walther banner on the slide.  In 1940, the Walther banner was replaced by a code to indicate the manufacturer.


      The Germans were afraid that markings such as the Walther banner would make it easy for the Allied forces to determine a specific weapons manufacturer and attack the plant.


      The P38 produced by the Walther plant were marked with the code WAa359 to indicate that Walther was the manufacturer and the factory was location at Zella-Mehlis.


      The code ac which was used by Walther from 1941 for the remainder of the war was the Nazi factory code replacing the 480 code.

      From 1938 until 1945, approximately 584,500   P.38 pistols were produced by the Walther plant in Zella-Mehlis.


      Production stopped when American forces captured the factory in early April, 1945. The Walther factory in Zella-Mehlis was destroyed in 1946 by the Soviets.