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WW2  Nazi German  Walther  P38   dated 1943   9mm  

             Great Condtion and matching numbers

    This WW2 Nazi stamped  P38 was manufactured by Spreewerk  in 1943,  It has full Nazi war factory code  and waffern stamp 88  and the Nazi Spreewerk factory CYQ.

  It has matching serial number 2471c on the side and at the front under the barrel and dated this Spreewerk P38 to June 1943.

           This is a Fully dry firing and fully strippable UK Spec   it has a smooth clean action.


    During WWII, the P.38 was produced by three separate manufacturers: Walther, Mauser, and Spreewerk.  To conceal manufacturer identities, each wartime manufacturer used a letter code: ac (Walther); byf (Mauser), and cyq (Spreewerk), followed by the date (e.g.: ac44: Walther 1944 production). Spreewerk did not mark production dates.


    P38 were produced in blocks of 10,000 consecutively numbered pistols, with each block having a consecutive letter suffix, to conceal production volume. 1,277,680 P.38s were produced during WWII: 617,585 by Walther in Zella-Mehlis; 372,875 by Mauser in Oberndorf; 287,220 by Spreewerk Grottau.


   Late in the war, the Spreewerk cyq die broke. Subsequent pistols appear to be marked "cvq" due to the broken die.


         About 31,400 pistols are so marked. Spreewerk production ended April 1945.


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