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Vietnam era L2A1  7.62 Squad full Automatic machine gun

          Mainly used in the Vietnam war by the Australian army 

    This L2A1  7.62 Squad support machine gun was mainly used in the Vietnam by the the New Zealand and Australian Army's.

    These were used mainly in ambush situations to give full automatic support in case anything went wrong or used to target and eliminate high value targets.  


        The L2A1 is upgrade version of the L1A1 Service rifle but fitted with full automatic fire control, a heavy barrel and a bypod.


     This sqard automtic weapon was suppied the the Singpore Police and Army.  The serial number is AD64  719 and marked SPF with rack number 37 .   This L2A1 was in a batch of 639 sent  to Singpore in 1964.

                        AD64 0680--AD64 1319   which is a total of 639



     Easy to strip down and has been sympathetically deactivated and has a smooth

 dry firing action.

        If you collect L1A1's then this is a great addition to any collection, we do sell a live FAC Version of this rifle on this website but based on a L1A1 reciever 


      This is a 100% original L2A1 with all its original parts sympathetically deactivated 


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