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 BSA L2A1 Light Support System for the  U.S. Ordnance  M60A1 

       For the Military collectors who need a L2A1 Type ( L1A1)  'Section or Squad gun' in there collection or just to shoot down the range.

      This UK Section one  (FAC) rifle has just come back from the London Proof house and was manufactured at   BSA & Co,  Birmingham in 1961.   It is equip with a Heavy 7.62 barrel and a military sight system and bipod.

       The L2A1 never had a main roll and was used as a 'floating gun'  just in case the Section machine gun (  normally the US Ordnance made M60A1)  belt fed machine gun stopped working. 


       L2A1  (Squad automatic weapons) system was used in the Vietnam war by the Austrians and the New Zealand Army's  ' in a set  Ambushing roll' on trails used by The North Vietnamese Army (NVA) or used in  'deploy target situations ' 

     The British Army never used this platform but instead used the L4  Bren Gun 7.62  in this roll  as a main roll system or in Support  system roll to the GPMG L7A1 / 2  MAG58.

    This version of the L1A1 has always been very rare due to the very low production run ( just over 9,000 units ) were ever made. 


    This is a Straight pull Section one L1A1 parts rifle built to look like a L2A1 and is not a L2A1.


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