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Unbelievably Rare Arisaka Type 2 Paratrooper  7.7 

                                  All matching

    An extremely rare Second World War, Japanese, Arisaka Type 2  7.7calibre   "Paratrooper" rifle and was imported into the UK by us a few years ago.  The owner has decided to put it back into the market for sale and has asked us to sell it on commission.

     This rifle is a spilt version of the Type 99 Arisaka rifle but instead can be split in two as the idea was to make it easier to carry whilst parachuting.

    Once the paratrooper had landed the rifle could be quickly assembled. This example is a very early one, the serial number 7778 is one of only around 21,200 known to have been produced.

     The Imperial chrysanthemum is almost un touch unlike many that were defaced before capture.

     The rifle is all matching numbers , both half's are matching number 493 which is very rare,   as most had different serial number for either half.  


      Very few now survive and those that do are most commonly found state side as G.I. bring backs.


    This Rifle was manufactured at the Nagoya Arsenal, Japan which was a major manufacturing base of Arisaka Rifles and small arms during WW2.  It is fitted with Anti Aircraft sights (see photos below) and in very good condition.

    Like all Arisaka's it has a chromed bore which for WW2 was a good bit of planning as most action was in the Jungle's of south Asia.

                      This Arisaka Type 2 Paratrooper is in fantastic condition 



Common numbered half's of the rifle (very rare)



Good view of the spitting bolt that separate both half's  (its a captive pin)



Nice original wood and clean metal work



Nagoya Arsenal factory stamp  and rifle serial number 7778



  The Mum is almost complete but this shows this was a captured rifle by the G.I.'s



         Lovely view of this Paratrooper type 2  rifle,  note the Anti aircraft sights . The idea was to line up the wings of the plane on the two bits sticking out on the rear sight, one lined up then shoot.

                               The rear cocking piece is the early type 



Nice full length view of the Paratrooper


   This Arisaka Paratrooper was purchased and imported by us a few years ago from the USA and we believe the present owner has hardly shoot it at all . 

    This is an opportunity to owner a very rare Arisaka type 2 Paratrooper in exceptional war time condition. 


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