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   This original Built L12A1 for the Singapore Police Force contract

      This L12A1 was built for the Singapore Police Force as a 22LR training rifle, serial number AD6809212 in the fourth batch of the 1968 contract .  The fourth batch consisting of 594 L1A1's  and 150 L12A1's.

    This L12A1  .22LR  is numbered 80 of 150 that were sent to Singapore in 1968 as part of the fourth delivery Singapore contract.   


      This L12A1 has the SPF Rack number 4327 , this  rifle is common numbered AD6809212 upper and lower .  All Lithgow serial numbers are stamped on the right hand side as below .


       The Heckler & Koch   .22LR bolt kits were used as Heckler & Koch  was

owned at that time by R.S.A.F Enfield which was 100% owned by the British Government.  


          This is the first time we have ever seen a L12A1 22LR  SLR,  it was only the Singapore Police that ordered the L12A1. 

          The British Army ordered .22lr conversation kits from Heckler & Koch direct from Germany for there 7.62 L1A1's service rifles rather than build a pure .22 training rifle.  

         This L12A1 also is fitted with the very rare Australian front Black handguards which has vent slots in the top .  


                  A very rare rifle to end up in the UK  a long way from Singapore.


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