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   Very rare Nazi German MP43  "Sturmgewehr" Assault Rifle

                Pre 1995 deactivation  Dry firing and Strippable

    The MP43 was first seen on the eastern front for the first time in mid 1943 , highly effective against the Soviets.   It was the first true modern day assault rifle with a high capacity magazine semi and fully automatic fire control system.

    Easy to maintain on the battlefield and used first  intermedia round ,  the 7.92 Kutz (short) cartridge.

    The Mp43 was made from stamped parts making it relatively quick and cheap to make.  The MP43 made all bolt action service rifle obsolete as there fire power was far greater than any bolt action rifle. 



This MP43 is in remarkable condition and it has a very nice dry firing action that can be fully stripped down



Nice very of the MP43 Fire control system and bolt system



                                       These are a very nice clean stamping, 

                               COS is German factory 'Merz-Werke, Gebr. Merz'

   Waffern stamp WaA44 is the factory inspection stamp for 'Merz-Werke, Gebr. Merz'

                                 AYF is for erma who manufactured this MP43 

                      Waffern WaA280 is the factory inspectors stamp for erma

                                                            As a foot note 

  Merz-Werke, Gebr. Merz WaA44 was before WW2 was a manufacturer of Typewriters .  The company was ideal for the Nazi war machine as this factory already had the metal stamping machinery for the production of Typewrites.   



This serial number is very low  7k /4


         Nice clean MP43 Stamp



Nice factory stamp on butt



A good side view of this rare MP43



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