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Lee Enfield Number 4 Mark 2   .303    RSAF Fazakerley  dated 1953

                                   British Army Service Rifle

       This is a very nice original Number 4 Mark 2   .303  built in 1953 at the RSAF Fazakerley, Liverpool.

        This was the very last 'model's' of the Lee Enfield Service rifle platforms, ever since 1989 when the very first Lee Metford entered service.  The day's of the bolt action Service rifle was coming to an end and in 1955 all production stopped in the UK .

        This Number 4 Mark 2 was the best of all Lee Enfield service rifles, not only having a fully floating barrel but an intergrated trigger system as well.


   This Number 4 Mark 2 is fitted with the 'Singer' rear sight (the best type to have on a No4 ).  Nice clean lines and very few bump's in the wood.

         It is fitted with a five groove fully floating barrel and has a smooth action


  Nice original rifle that has just come out of a collection 


Please Note :  The last Lee Enfield service rifle to come off the production line was in May 1955,  which is 68 years ago.  None of our Lee Enfield's we sell regardless of year of manufacture will do better than one and a half minute of angle on any range.


  All Lee Enfield's service rifles we sell are ex-military historic service rifles not target rifles.

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