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This has come out of the  'Hans Günter Collection'

WW1  BSA  SMLE  No1 Mklll*    .303    Sniper Rifle    dated 1916

                     Fitted with a Periscopic Prism Co  Scope

     This very nice WW1 British Army 303  Sniper rifle that has just been release from

the Hans Günter Collection.   

      Built in 1916 at the BSA Factory in Birmingham as part of the British War department order to supply Lee Enfield Rifles for the war effort on the western front. 

      This BSA SMLE NO1 Mklll* Sniper rifle is equipped with latest  Periscopic Prism Co   telescopic sight for 1916.

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  Close up view of the Periscopic Prism Co  Scope and mount

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Fully marked for BSA and the date 1916

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Full view of the WW1 British Army Sniper rifle fitted with Periscopic Prism Co  Scope

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This rifle has nice clean original English walnut finnish

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       The condition of this WW1 British .303 BSA Sniper Rifle is very good original condition finished in English walnut. 

       This BSA SMLE 1916 Sniper rifle rifle is still fitted with its original 1916 barrel and the whole rifle is common numbered and the rear sight has windage adjustment as well.

         The barrel  303 rifling is in order and this rifle has a smooth action, the optics are also clear and in good order.  The Periscopic Prism bullet drop compensator is registered from 1-6  (100-600 yards) and is common numbered to the rifle.