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      British L1A1's Standard 7.62  Service Rifles 

     British manufactured    RSAF Enfield  L1A1's  Service Rifles

     British manufactured    BSA & Co Ltd  L1A1's  Service Rifles

                      Dated from    1957 to 1964 

British L1A1 in Wood furniture   first pattern



British L1A1 in Black Plastic furniture

2014-01-01 00.00.46.jpg


    Nearly 95% of all British Army L1A1 Service rifles were manufactured to two standard models fitted with a 25' Barrel. 

   The first L1A1's were fitted with first pattern wood furniture from 1957 until 1980,

then in 1980 black plastic furniture was fitted until 1986.   The L1A1 was removed from front line service in 1985 as the L85A1 started to replace them.


   RSAF Enfield L1A1's started production in mid 1957 and the main production stopped in late 1963.   After the main production had ended there was a large surplus of undated receivers which were used in later small production run's and these have later dated stamps on there receivers.

   BSA Company Ltd production run was later due to tooling issues and production started slowly in 1958, it was not until early 1960 that BSA got into full production and by 1963 the British Government L1A1 Service rifle contract had been fulfilled.

Conflict Zones the British Army L1A1 was involved in

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