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2014-01-01 00.07.32.jpg

WW2  German MP34   9mm   dated 1942    Steyr Solothurn

   This WW2  MP34 is in fantastic condition for a 80 year old German sub machine gun, stamped on the upper receiver is a Waffen Eagle with the factory code 189 for the  Austrian Steyr Solothurn Arms factory.

   This is very early deactivation 1994 with all moving, strippable parts.  The dry firing is smooth.

2014-01-01 00.03.03.jpg

Inside the MP34 is the bolt which has the same common number as all other parts.  

2014-01-01 00.03.19.jpg

On top of the receiver is stamped 189 under a Warren Eagle for Steyr Solothurn.

2014-01-01 00.07.40.jpg

Overall this is an Fantastic original condition MP34 


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