WW1  Artillery Luger Pistol  1917  armed with the 32 round Snail  drum

                         Imperial German Artillery Battery Gunners unit 

                                  Dry firing and totally strippable

This 100% Original WW1  Artillery Luger Pistol comes complete with a 32 round Snail drum and leather holster.   Every part of this Artillery Luger has the same common number S/N 9265 even inside.  

Sympathetically deactivated to old spec, fully dry firing and Field stripping possible,

and the condition for this WW1 Artillery Luger is very good.  It come with a 32 Round Snail magazine S/N 325142 and still has its original dust cover.

The leather holster is in good condition for 103 years old with all the stitching in good order.


This has come out of a large collection and has been well looked after.  The trigger has a smooth pull and the dry firing is smooth and crisp.


                                  Gebrude Bing AG   32 Round Snail Magazine

Following complaints about the standard 8-round magazine capacity an improved drum magazine which became known as the Trommelmagazin was developed.  


This 32-round magazine was developed by Friedrich Blum an Austro-Hungarian.  The new magazines were manufactured by the German toy manufacturer Gebrude Bing AG of Nuremberg.  


Almost never seen, the Dust cover for a 32 Round

Snail Magazine.  Again manufacture by Gebrude Bing AG and could well be the original dust cover for this magazine.


This Artillery Luger Pistol come with a leather holster which is in good condition for its age.


As seen in this photo all the stitching is in good order.


The Lange Pistole 08 or Artillery Luger was approved for service in June 1913 and went into production in 1913, with an initial order of 75,000 made, only 23,000 had been made by the Small Arms Factory at Erfurt by the outbreak of the First World War.  


The production of the long barrelled Lugers was moved to Deutsche Waffen- und Munitionsfabriken (German Weapons and Munitions Works), known as DWM where between 1914 and 1918 DWM manufactured over 175,000 pistols . 

The Artillery Luger has a number of additional features when compared to the original P.08 Luger.


 With a 190mm long barrel, almost double the length of the standard issue Luger and a rear tangent sight graduated out to 800m.  When combined with its accompanying wooden stock the weapon was intended to act as a personal defence weapon for artillerymen and machine gun crews .

Artillery Lugers are very rare but one complete with its 32 Round  Snail Magazine is almost impossible to find in the UK and in the USA.

              Due to the interest from the USA we are pricing it in GBP & US Dollars



Before buying this item please make sure you have all you importation Documentation in place first.  Remember this item will need an Export permit.