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WW1 Lewis .303 Machine gun manufactured by BSA & Co in 1916

     Very rare WW1 Lewis Machine gun in very good condition 108 years old.  Dry firing and strippable.

     Over 50,000 were manufactured by BSA during WW1 at there Birmingham Factory.  Around 31,000 were lost in action from 1914,  this Lewis machine gun was manufactured in mid 1916.

     It was used in an assault on German positions as it was portable unlike the Vickers machine gun which were used in static operations. 

Probably the rarest British machine gun on the market 


Exporting to the USA 

           Please Note

Our Export Agents have informed us the export shipping paperwork does require this Lewis Light Machine gun must be shipped as a live gun rather than a deactivated firearms under  ATF  (Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives) regulations. 

                                             Please consult a ATF licensed FFL before buying

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