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      WW2  Mg34   dated 1943  Waffern stamped Waa4 for Gustloff Werk

                                                       Also Stamped

DOT  stamped for the Waffenweke Brunn Factory,  Czechoslovakia Factory    

      This Mg34 is a very good  example of a  Mg34 manufactured at the Nazi Czechoslovakia  Waffenweke Brunn Factory,  that is until we saw the Nazi German factory war code WAa4 stamped on the receiver and parts.

     WAa4 is the WW2 Nazi factory war code for Gustloff (Gustloff Werk) based in Central Germany.  

    Now this is intresting as this Mg34 was clearly manufactured by Gustloff Werk in central Germany in 1943 as it has the Nazi Waffern Code WAa 4 stamped on its parts but also has the DOT Stamp on top of the barrel forknox !

   So we checked Gustloff Werk production records for 1943 and in the 1943 Gustloff serial number range was from 8131 to 9861 which fit in with this Mg34 serial number 8408(h) for the second week in March (1943).    

          So why is there a DOT  stamped for  Waffenweke Brunn Factory on the barrel forkknox ?   The only anwser is that at some point in the war,  this Mg34 went in for repair and the nearest factory was the Czech factory. 

   This would not be surprising as the Mg34 was machined to very high precision tolerances and almost certainly beyond any in the field repairs. 


     This Mg34 is in very good condition for 80 years old,  it has a smooth dry firing action and is fully strippable. 


                                       This Mg34 has turned out to be a little gem 


 This is as good as it gets with a Mg34 and a very intresting History


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