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L1A1  7.62 Service Rifle's   

Section One Firearms

 British Army L1A1  7.62   SLR  Service Rifles

      FAC Section one--Straight Pulls Rifles

                 BSA & Co  and  RSAF Enfield

Standard length in Wood or Black Plastic

2014-01-01 00.00.46.jpg

Limited Edtion: Royal Navy L1A1 Artic Warfare 


SAS Urban Warfare version in Black Only

                      Limited amount

2014-01-01 00.00.29.jpg

Austraian L1A1  7.62  Service Rifles 

Austraian L1A1  Manufactured  7.62 Service Rifles

          L2A1 (L1A1 Receiver)   Light support weapon

 this version was used by the Austrians in the Vietnam war


FN Metric   7.62   Sniper Rifle 

Austrian Army Sturmgewehr (Imbel) STG 58 FAL                       SLR 7.62  Sniper Rifle

         Fitted with an original scope & mount


L1A1 Sraight Pull manual cocking system

2014-01-01 00.02.50.jpg
2014-01-01 00.03.06.jpg

Section One Variation Required on your FAC


 We do stock L1A1 and FN Fal Parts 
    Registered Firearms dealers only

NATO Stock Number required

     It's almost ten years ago since we started assembling L1A1  7.62 British and Austrian Service rifles from section one parts kits.  In the early days we could only get a supply of Lithgow L1A1 parts kits from Helston Gunsmith's.  

                     These day's we only buy-in British made 'Enfield' or 'BSA' parts kits from Helston as most of our clients ask for 'British made'.

                       We build our L1A1 parts kits and fit them with a 7.62 target barrel that is lathe profiled down by our gunsmith to the L1A1 Service barrel dimensions.

   We can build them in original Wood furniture or Original Black plastic furniture also we do limited production runs on the L1A1 Artic Warfare and SAS Urban warfare plus other variations.





  All our L1A1 are proofed at the London Proof House to Section one of the 

 Firearms Act 1968. 

Ten Years on,

                          Shooting a L1A1 'Enfield made' in the USA. 

    This L1A1 is a pre 1986 fully transferible and the owner informed us it was worth over $28,000.    

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