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 Lee Enfield Number 4T  M47c  Sniper Rifle    .303  Dated 1943

                         Fitted with a No32  Mk1 Scope 

          Complete with Transit case and spotting scope

       This is a very nice clean  Lee Enfield Number 4T  .303  M47C  dated 1943 Sniper Rifle in its original Transit case also has it spotting scope .

        This rifle has just come out of an Gentelmen Estate who past away two years ago at the age of 90 we also understand from the sellers that this rifle has been in the same ownership for many years.   

         The Number 32 Mk1 scope has very clear optic which helped us get a very good grouping down the range last week.

        All rifle has fully matching numbers and the Holland & Holland stamp of the rear of the receiver.  The Number 32 Mk1 scope fitted is in very good order but we have fitted a  replacment leather scope covers to protect the optics.  We understand that the original leather scope cover was in a very bad way and the owner put it in the bin !. 

      The rear outside of the butt has a number that matchest the scope number (see photos). 

       We have taken this down our local range and it has a 5' group at 100 yards with sharp clean entre holes.


This rifle has very good original walnut and looks like it has seen some action


    Overal a very nice clean original rifle with the odd dents in the wood ect, the transit case has any number painted out by yellow paint. 

    This is very common on Bren Guns and Lewis gun transit cases as well.


We have replaced the broken leather Transit case leather straps 



Number 32 Mark 1 Scope


Close up view 's below



Receiver stamps and seriasl number AG36597



Holland and Holland Stamp on rear of receiver and the scope number serial number on the rear of the butt


Number 32 mk1 scope bracket has rifle serial number and other barred out numbers



Barred out number and serial number on forend

Leather 1903 sling is original to this rifle or at least it has been on this rifle many years.





us flag.webp

     Nice looking original Rifle with its Transit case and the 1903 Leather sling.  It is also original as is the spotting scope it also comes with a Scope adjustment tool in the scope tin.

     We have priced this in US Dollars as well as in pound's as most of these we sell seem to go to export aboard,  mainly to the USA.  



We can export this rifle worldwide 

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