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Lee Enfield Number 4T  M47c  Sniper Rifle    .303  Dated 1944

                         Fitted with a No32  Mk3 Scope 

       This is a very nice clean  Lee Enfield Number 4T  .303  M47C  Sniper Rifle  and has a date stamp for 1944.

        This rifle was imported into the UK  from the US many years ago and has US Import stamp.

         The Number 32 Mk3 scope has very clear optic which hepled us get a very good grouping down the range last week.

        All matching numbers including the woodern forend and the Number 32 Mk3 scope has a replacment leather scope covers.  The rear outside of the butt has a number that matchest the scope number. 

       We have taken this down our local range and it has a 4' group at 100 yards with sharp clean entre holes.


This rifle has very good walnut woodset and action is smooth


 Overal a very nice clean original rifle with the odd dents in the wood ect


 This is a good looking rifle and has a good bore





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We can export this rifle worldwide