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WW1 British Army  .455 (ELEY)  COLT New Service Revolver   1916    Sn 115743

                         Early UK Spec  (1995)  Fully strippable and Dry firing

       This very original  1916 WW1  six-shot Colt New Service was a popular choice with British Army officers and many privately purchased it in the years prior to the First World War as an alternative to the standard-issue Webley .

      They were used in hand-to-hand fighting and for personal protection in combat and Trench raids into German Trenches.


Nice original condition WW1 British Officers Service Revolver


            The barrel is stamped 'Colt's Pt. F.A. Mfg. Co., Hartford. Ct. U.S.A.' 

 Above the patent dates along the top and 'New Service 455 Eley' on the left, blade fore-sight with fluted cylinder, the frame with grooved top-strap and Colt logo on it.


   This Colt new service revolver has a nice smooth dry firing action and is fully strippable and is a 1996 deactivation with its certificate

    For anyone wishing to find out its history , Colt have a website and anyone can purchase that information direct from colt.


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