Lithgow L1A1  7.62 X 51  New Zealand Contract

                     Rare  First Pattern wood fitted

         Just back from the London Proof house yesterday, this L1A1 was manufactured at the Lithgow factory for the New Zealand contract . The rifle serial number is AD6112995  (AD6112261 - AD6113260 New Zealand contract) in 1961.

        Build up from parts as required by UK Law  and with no matching numbers , the upper receiver has the serial no AD6112995 and the lower has the Serial no AD6901277 (Singapore contract 1969). Enfield butt fitted with   61  N 2 written under the butt. 

      New London Proof house stamps on the upper and lower receiver and on the barrel. As with all our L1A1's we fit 7.62 X 51 Match barrel fitted and the upper and lower have a very good fit with no movement. Extraction is very good.

     This has first pattern wood fitted as it would have come out of the factory with and looks better in real life than the photos.