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WW2 K98  8mm 1940 dated  Service rifle fitted with WW2 era German Ajack scope

      This WW2 K98 has a manufacturing date of  1/40  (January 1940) and was manufactured by the German factory J.P Sauer & Sons.  This K98  has the Nazi German WaA37 (Waffern stamp) factory stamp for J.P Sauer & Sons on the receiver and barrel (see photos below).

   The scope fitted to this  1940 dated J.P Sauer & Sons K98 is by Hersteller: A. Jackenkroll, Berlin  2.5 x 70 who manufactured them from 1932 -1943.  


    Ajack scopes of this type were used on the WW2 sniper rifles of Germany and Switzerland and several other countries; however, this pre-war Ajack  was more likely sold with a very high-end European hunting rifle, observing the marking "Germany".


     Designed for low light and wider field conditions, this superb scope has a very bright image. 


The scope mount are not original and are post WW2


The Hersteller: A. Jackenkroll, Berlin  2.5 x 70 according to the forums is a pre WW2 type.  This version was discontinued in 1943 and replace by the 2.5 x 90 which were used mainly by the SS. 



WaA37 factory Stamp for J.P Sauer & Sons and an inspection stamp, the third waffern stamp is another factory inspection Waffern stamp 359. 



Serial number 1859 which is common for every part numbered on the rifle.



Nice looking rifle which is dry firing and can be stripped down  


     A very nice clean WW2 German rifle 


This K98 is in original WW2 condition service rifle


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