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 Live Lee Enfield Service Rifles 


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        WW1  P17  US Army  .3006  Service Rifle  1917

              Then came out of long term Storage after Dunkirk

         WW2  P17  Home Guard Grenade Launcher Rifle


WW1  P14  Winchester  303 Service Rifle

       Lovely Amercain Walnut wood



             WW1  Enfield  .303  No1 Mklll*   dated 1916 

                Short, Magazine Lee-Enfield Sniper Rifle

   with Periscopic Prism Company telescope (PPCo) sight


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Enfield Number 4 Mk1  1931 Trials Rifle converted to a 1933 Trails Rifle

                                 This is a double Enfield Trials rifle  

This has come out of the  'Hans Günter Collection'

2014-01-01 00.01_edited.jpg
2014-01-01 00.01_edited.jpg

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WW2 Lee Enfield  Number 4T  .303  Sniper Rifle    BSA  M47  dated 1943

                                            With Transit Case 

                               Number 32 Mark 1 Scope fitted


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WW1 BSA SMLE  .303   Dated 1915   No1  Mark lll  British Army Service Rifle

                               Comes from the well respected  Lovat society


This has come out of the Lovat Society


WW1 British Army 303 SMLE  Sniper Rifle fitted with a Winchester A5 Scope

                              Manufactured by BSA and dated 1916

2014-01-01 00.09_edited.jpg
2014-01-01 00.08_edited.jpg


       Pre WW1   Enfield  .303   SMLE    dated 1908      British Army Service Rifle

                                                       Volley Sights      

2014-01-01 00.03_edited.jpg
2014-01-01 00.02_edited.jpg

This has come out of the  'Hans Günter Collection'


Lee Enfield   Number 4 Mk2    .303     01-1953



          Rare  Pre Boar War Sparkbrook Long Lee  .303    C.L.L.E  dated 1897

                 Converted to Charger loading by the Royal Navy             

2014-01-01 00.04.00.jpg
2014-01-01 00.03.39.jpg

This is a pre 1899 Rifle and requires no Licence in the USA




us flag.webp

WW2 Royal Marine Commandos  Number 4T   .303    Dated 1944                                      Number 32 Mark 3  scope

                      Transit case C.E.S in Royal Navy Blue


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          Rare  Number 1 Mark1***  SMLE  .303  Enfield  dated   1905  nice wood



 Enfield   Trials Rifle  No1 Mk1  1903

             Very rare SMLE Trials Rifle 1903 pre No1 Mk1 production (only one of 996 Manufactured in 1903)  then converted in 1907 to No1 Mk3  full conversion marks  1903  then 04,05,06,07                 ( please note: This is not a ConD1V )

2014-01-01 00.31.44.jpg
2014-01-01 00.31.28.jpg

This has come out of the  'Hans Günter Collection'


              WW1  Enfield  .303   SMLE    dated 1914      British Army Service Rifle

                                    Volley Sights       Serial number A70

2014-01-01 00.04_edited.jpg
2014-01-01 00.04_edited.jpg

This has come out of the  'Hans Günter Collection'


       Ishapore Number 4 Mk1   .303 dated  1963

          British Indian Army War Reserves Stock             



Very rare LSA  Number 1 Mklll  .303   dated 1907   first year of production

                                                  Volley sights

2014-01-01 00.04_edited.jpg
2014-01-01 00.03_edited.jpg

This has come out of the  'Hans Günter Collection'


    Enfield SMLE Number 1 Mark1  1904  first year of production
  Still has its rare original Mark 1 cocking piece and steel butt plate
                    No conversion marks,  this is a Pure Mk1

2014-01-01 00.01_edited.jpg
2014-01-01 00.01_edited.jpg
2014-01-01 00.02.00.jpg
2014-01-01 00.01_edited.jpg


    WW1  Enfield  No1 Mark 3*   SMLE   Dated 1917   .303  Service Rifle

                           Fully matching numbers and magazine cut off



WW1 BSA  Number 1 Mklll   .303   dated  1914  British Army Service Rifle

                                             Nice English Walnut 


Lee Enfield   Number 4 Mk2    .303     04-1953



  R.I.C Carbine Lee Metford  Mk1  1896  .303  lovely Condition

                  Idea for anyone interested in Irish History



WW1  Enfield  ' Territorial Officers Private purchase'  Charger Loader

       Fitted by Alex Martin of Glasgow Periscopic Prism Co  Scope

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