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                            ! Unbelievably Rare  !  

Fairchild ArmaLite  AR10  7.62  'Sudan Contract'  1957

                          Pre 95 (1994)  deactivated 

If this was the Bible,  this Fairchild ArmaLite AR10 would be in the first paragraph. This was the beginning of one of the most famous sages in military history and that's is no understatement.

This rifle platform did change the world from Vietnam to Afghanistan and has been in Current US military service for over 60 years.  But in the beginning the US Army had little time for this Service rifle,  but if it was not for Fairchild Aviation Corporation of which ArmaLite was a subsidiary company being a major heavy weight company with time and lots of money to invest in its subsidiary.

Fairchild Aviation Corporation had a plan, a good plan.   In the 1950's Fairchild was after Military aircraft contracts and it had its sights on Holland.  The Dutch were in the Market for Military jet fighters and to sweeten a military Fighter sale Fairchild offered to sell the manufacturing rights of there AR10 (five year contract)  to Artillerie Inrichtingen  a Dutch state-owned artillerysmall arms, and munitions company.


                              The Dutch took the bait and so the deal was done 


Fairchild/ArmaLite sold a five-year manufacturing license for the AR-10 to the Dutch arms manufacturer 'Artillerie Inrichtingen (AI) but who was going to buy any ! 

In steps Samuel Cummings who was one of the largest Arms dealer during the 1950's in the western world.  A man who had a finger in every pie,  he acquired sales right from  Artillerie Inrichtingen  to market and sell the AR10. 


Sam Cummins secured the Sudanese contract,  the Sudanese version derives its name from the sale of approximately 2,500 AR-10 rifles of to the government of Sudan in 1958 and this rifle Serial number 001386 was part of that contract.


The Sudanese model was equipped with a very lightweight, fluted steel barrel fitted with a trim, prong-style flash suppressor, a bayonet lug, lightweight fiberglass furniture, and sight graduations in Arabic.


ArmaLight  'Sudan Contract'   nice and original

This Sudanese contract weighed only 3.3 kg  with an empty magazine.

The price, including cleaning kit and four magazines, was US $225 per rifle which was not cheap compared against other military service rifles of the time.

All Sudanese contract rifles were fitted with a butt disc for regimental and unit levels.


The Butt disc has been remove by Sudan Army before sale


Super rare Original AR10 Magazine


All AR-10s, whether produced by ArmaLite used Stoner-designed 20-round lightweight aluminum 'waffle' magazine with pressed-in, corrugated sides, intended to be discarded in combat once emptied and for this reason alone is why original  AR10 Magazines sell for over £750.00 each


This AR10 is in very good original condition as you would expect from any Military Service rifle, Fairchild-ArmaLight

AR10 was only in production for four years.



We offer WorldWide Exporting Service to anywhere in the World on this product,  please make sure you have permission by your Law enforcement agency before buying.

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