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WW2  Savage   mark 1  Number 4T  .303   Sniper Rifle

      Serial number 9C1082 for the last week in April 1942

                            Holland & Holland stamped

       A rare WWII US made Savage Stevens Lee Enfield No4T sniper rifle. Very few Savage 4T's were fielded during the war.   It is believed that around a 1000 were delivered during the war but only a handful were converted by the Holland & Holland 

into No4T's .    


       This USA manufactured Savage Number 4T  Mk1  was manufactured at the  J. Stevens Arms Company River Plant in Chicopee Falls, Massachusetts.   Like all USA manufactured  Rifles the only way to date is by its serial number.



 This Savage s/n 9C1082 can be dated to the last week in April 1942 and was manufactured as a Number 4T  .303 Mark 1 

      The first Savage-Stevens contract was negotiated by the British Purchasing Committee on March 4, 1941, for 300,000 No.4 MK I rifles at a cost of $57.00 per unit.


        Savage Stevens Mark 1 series  serialisation started 0C1 and ended at 22C. This rifle would have been hand selected from the production line for conversion into a sniper.


       It has its original matched correct very early bolt and 'wasted' front sight.    Both of those items were quickly replaced in later models by the standard bolt and front sight.


Faint but readable Savage No4 Mk1 stamp


Very early cocking piece and on top right of the receiver a Holland and Holland stamp


Nice view of a very early Mark 1 receiver and low number bolt head 


Nice clear marking on the Number 32 Mk1 scope,  with a very early serial no 1498

      The 32 Mark 1 scope is correct for 1942 and the scope bracket is stamped with the rifle serial number.  The 32 Mk1 scope serial number is 1498 have common serial number on the outside of the butt. 

     The rear top of the receiver has a very small Holland & Holland stamp and the upper and lower scope brackets are common numbered 193 & 194.

     The bolt is the correct hollow end type,  the rifle has a very good five groove barrel with very little ware. 

      The scope receiver mounting brackets show's ware as the scope has been off and on the rifle many times over the past 81 years. 


This Savage Number 4T has it's original leather sling


       This is a nice clean rifle with a good shooting 5 groove barrel,  the 32 Mk1 optics are in good clear condition.   It has kept all its original parts from it's early production from Savage Stevens 81 years ago. 


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