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             Rare WW2  CRA   Mg42   fully Automatic machine gun

   Manufactured by  CRA  (Alkett / Maget ) in 1943 at its Rheinmetall-Borsig AG

       This is a rare find,  an early manufactured MG42 with fully matching numbers and in very good condition for an early manufactured  MG42.

      This is a UK Spec deactivation and is fully dry firing and fully strippable it also has a nice dry firing action.

      The serial number is in the late 1942 serial number range 2916  (107-3605a)

but the 'GH' nazi factory code is for early 1943 and has the factory production code 'CRA' for Maget as does the factory Waffen stamps WAa11,   the waffern code for Maget  which was a subsidiary of Rheinmetall-Borsig AG.

Very easy to strip down and the whole gun can be stripped down into more parts than in the photo above.


  All information below  was obtained from  Folke Myrvang                                   Mg42 Collectors Grade Book

                                                      From Top to Bottom

GH :       is the Nazi factory date code for 1943 for MAGET.

Model :  Mg42

Serial number:   

                            2916 e for third week in March (1943) ,  the serial number indicates a

late 1942 production number as in late 1942 the factory was renamed MAGET from ALKETT.  The serial number of this Mg42  2916 appears to be in the 1942 serial number range   107-3605a.

CRA:    is for Maget (ra - ALKETT - Altmaerkische Kettenwerke GmbH, Werk II, Berlin-Tegel the factory was renamed MAGET - Maschinenbau und Geraetebau GmbH 1942-43)  subsidiary of Rheinmetall-Borsig AG.

Waffern stamp on reciever WAa11 for  ALKETT and MAGET as the factory just changed name.  It was still a  subsidiary of Rheinmetall-Borsig AG

Anyone interested in buying this Mg42 will know about its general history and would be more interested in 'its history' rather than a general history of the Mg42 otherwise we would be writing a very large book !


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