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                  WW1  DWM  Luger PO8   dated  1916   9mm

      All Matching numbers including original matching  magazine 

It is not often that a 100%  fully matching numbed WW1 Luger comes on the UK market.

This is an all matching PO8 Luger,  manufactured in 1916 at the DWM plant in Karlsruhe (Baden),  formerly Deutsche Metallpatronenfabrik Lorenz at its weapons plant in Berlin.

                      The condition is mint for a Luger of this period  

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Above you can see on this original wood magazine has stamped 540 which is the serial number of this Luger. 

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Below is the very clear date stamp for 1916 

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Below:  You can see every part of this Luger is common numbered.

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This WW1 Berlin Manufactured 1916 PO8 Luger has been deactivated to the Old UK Spec and can be dry fired and can be fully stripped down.  see below

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         Inside the 1916 Luger

  Above is the upper receiver 

  Below is the lower receiver

2014-01-01 00.02.01.jpg

  This is a very nice collectors item