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ZGB33  Trials  .303 Magazines   CZ Stamped

We have just  a few  very rare 1936-1937  ZGB33  Trials .303 magazines,  manufactured at the Brno Factory in Czechoslovakia for the British Government Bren Gun contract of 1935 after extensive troop trails.

It was the vz/30 that adopted the .303 British cartridge as the "ZGB vz/30" prototype of 1930 and underwent trials from 1931 to 1932.  The following ZGB vz/33 development of 1933 became the official basis for the finalized British design.


  The British soon adopted the Czech Light machine gun system for the British Army  in 1933 then the  Brno Factory was tasked  with the design work which continued  well into 1935.  


A number of ZGB33  .303  Test trials light machine guns were shipped from the Brno Factory in Czechoslovakia to the British Government factory at Enfield Lock for evaluation and testing in 1936-1937. 




All the magazine we have are in remarkable condition with very little wear,  in the mid 1950's the British Government secured a very large military arms contract to supply Ireland with newly manufactured Bren Guns and these magazine ended up being sent in that contract.   They were probably hanging around in Enfields stores at the time.

After arriving in Ireland they were stamp FF  (Fianna Fail) which was the Irish acceptance 



Above is the very small Brno Factory Stamp

Below is the Irish Army acceptance Stamp


These are a great find and a great piece of   Pre British  ww2 History as for the ZB33 .303 light machine gun,  we have never seen one !

                                  These ZB33 magazines do fit any .303 Bren Gun.


we only have a few

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