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Mp34  9mm  sub machine gun with original Sling and Bayonet

     The MP34 is a submachine gun that was manufactured by Waffenfabrik Steyr at its  Steyr-Solothurn factory in Austria and was used by German Army and the Waffen SS War.

    The Nazi Waffen SS by far were the main user of the MP34 as there command  structure was not directly under the control of the German Army,  so they were free to order there own equipment. 

     As you can see in the photos below this MP34  has the correct Waffern stamp 189 for Waffenfabrik Steyr.

     Fully dry firing and strippable as seen in the photos below.


     The MP 34 was manufactured from the very best materials available and finished to the highest possible standard.

     It was so well manufactured with very high machine that its production costs were extremely high as a consequence.

    It was replaced by the cheaper to manufactured MP38 which was again replaced by the even cheaper to manufactured stamped metal MP40.

   The MP34 is by far the most engineered sub machine ever manufacture anywhere in the world to this day.  


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