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Very Early FN Fal Gewehr 1 West German Boarder Guard dated  1957  SLR

                                Only in production for 13 months   

       This is a very rare 100% West German Boarder Guard FN Fal Gewehr 1    7.62   select Automatic fire self loading rifle.

       It still has all the original features of a very early West German Boarder Guard FN Fal Gewehr 1

     The most obvious feature is that it is on a Type One receiver,   it also has the low line of sight system fitted which is unique to the West German Gewehr 1 .  The other main distinction is that the lower receiver has the early vertical break open lever.


     There are other main feature not found on any othe FN Fal such as its original removable flash hinder which is unique to the Gewehr 1.

    The other main feature is the German stamped steel hand guard and legs which manufactured in Germany.   About 100,000 were ordered in mid 1956 from FN by the German Government and production started in April 1957 at the FN Factory,  the order was completed in May 1958.

    The serial number on this Gewehr 1 is 8232 C which makes manufacture of this Gewehr 1 to late May 1957 .

     The first 2500 Gewehr 1 had EF and DF stapped into the receiver but after that just had D and E stamped as this  Gewehr 1 has. 


Above-  low line of sight system


Above-  Early Type One receiver  


Above-   Very easy to completly strip down the complete rifle

    From the very beginning the Belgium's refused to give manufacturing rights to the Germans. 

    In WW2 the Germans occupied the Belgium FN Factory and treated the FN worker's poorly,  so there was no love loss with the German in the 1950's.  

   By 1959 the West German government has ordered the new Heckler & Koch Stamped metal 7.62 G3 as there main battle rifle which replaced the FN Fal Gewehr 1 .


     The FN Fal Gewehr 1 is the rarest of all FN Fals and is very highly regarded by

FN Fal collectors. It is also the earlest production of all FN Fal rifles other than proto types FN Fals. 

     By the time the UK had the British L1A1 SLR in full production the Gewehr 1 was already being replaced and had passed into history. 


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