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Limited Edtion:   British L1A1  Fitted with mark 2 version bypod

                   used in British Army Sangin gun emplacement towers

    Used largely as a defective structure the British Army extensively used FOB in Northern Ireland.  In these FOB were Sangin gun emplacement towers with either Bren gun's and GPMG's plus L1A1's fitted with Bren gun Legs were used in an defensive roll. 

   There were tested on many occasions,  but not until the Afghanistan war that these defensive were needed to repel the Taliban who attached them maybe four or five time a day. 

    The Sangin's was often the target of RPG's in Northern Ireland and in Afghanistan.

sangin narthern ireland.webp

   The bypod made a very stable firing platform and the same would be a Bisley or any other range.  


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