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WW1  BSA  SMLE No1 Mk3*   303   1916   Sniper Rifle

            equipped with a  Winchester A5 Scope

This  BSA Number 1 Mark lll*  SMLE   303  Sniper Rifle and dated 1914  equipped with a Winchester  A5 Scope on Whitehead Brothers Mounts.  The whole rifle is common numbered  with the correct Military proof marks for 1916.

The Winchester A5 Scope was approved by the War department in mid December 1914 and was to be fitted to the Short Magazine Lee Enfield Rifle,  an order for 907 was placed with Whitehead Brothers to supply mounts but records do not show whether Whitehead just supplied the mounts or supplied the mount and fitted the scope as well.

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                                           Above and below

Close up view of the Winchester A5 Scope and Whitehead mounts

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            Fully marked BSA with the date 1916

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Close up view of the Winchester A5 Scope & Whitehead Mounts

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  This is a very nice and clean WW1 British  SMLE  1916  .303 Sniper Rifle


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