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       Very rare   Royal Marines Artic Warfare  L1A1  Service Rifle

                       Manufactured by BSA and dated 1959


   This BSA L1A1 Service rifle dated 1959  has been built to Royal Marines Artic Warfare specification using 98% of genuine parts.

    With the help of a former REME Armour who back in the 1960's had first hand knowledge of the Royal Marines Artic Warfare build,   we have manage to build a one off Royal Marines L1A1. 

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From the outside this looks like a normal L1A1 Butt with a sling swivel though it.  But in fact the Artic War Butt is hollow inside and

the internal connection from the butt end to the recoil spring tube 

are complete different parts. 

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One of the rarest slings in the British Army,  this is an old new  Artic Warfare sling.  This sling was only used on Royal Marines Artic Warfare L1A1 for just two years.

2014-01-01 00.00.04.jpg

Both the Royal Marines and the British Army Artic Warfare L1A1 stayed in service for just two years in the mid 1960's.

The main problem was the very fragile hollow butt which just broke very easily and the unobtainable rubber flash hider protector that just fell apart. 

There is very little know about this version of the L1A1 platform as its service life was very short lived.   


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