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        L2A1 dressed L1A1

         This rifle was part of the New Zealand contract of 1961 and served in military service as an L1A1 and would have been dressed in wood.  It may have seen action in Vietnam as part of New Zealand's commitment is supporting South Vietnam in its war with the North Vietnam with it's USA and Australian partner's or maybe even seen action in the Malaya conflict, we can only guess.


We built this rifle up from a L1A1 parts kit  (Section one legal) .

Fitted with the correct five slotted flash hider which  Lithgow only ever fitted .

    The L2a1 was a light support machine gun used mainly in Vietnam as a squad machine gun and used as the 'floating light machine' to the M60A1.  The main use was as a 'mop up' if am ambush was planned and executed .

    It a 30 round magazine full automatic light machine gun fitted with a heavy barrel and by-pod and was made by Lithgow SAF in Australia between 1962 to 1966 and 9,557 unit were manufactured. The Australian Army had the most (4,221) unit  and these were used as support to there US manufacture M60A1.


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