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Standard L1A1's  7.62 and Limited Editions


Latest News :  We only have Four British L1A1 left in stock at the moment 

British Manufactured  'Enfield or BSA & Co'  L1A1 7.62  in Wood 



        Fitted with original wood furnture 

British Manufactured  'Enfield or BSA & Co'  L1A1 7.62  in Black

2014-01-01 00.00.46.jpg


Australian Lithgow manufactured L1A1 in wood



Limited Edtion :  Royal Marines Artic Warfare L1A1 version

2014-01-01 00.00.04.jpg


Limited Edtion:   British L1A1  Fitted with mark 2 version bypod

                   used in British Army Sangin gun emplacement towers

2014-01-01 00_00_53.webp
sangin narthern ireland.webp


Falklands era British Army L1A1 Fitted with Trilux L2A2 Scope and mount

2014-01-01 00_01_46.webp


    Makesure you have a variation for  7.62 or 7.62/308  on your FAC.                                   These L1A1's are proofed and stamped as 7.62 

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