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Standard L1A1's  7.62 and Limited Editions


Latest News :  Price rise from the 1st May 2024 on Standard L1A1 models

British Enfield L1A1 in Wood furniture   first pattern

    Fitted with Original X8E1 Trial rifle woodset



        Fitted with original wood furnture 

British Manufactured  'Enfield or BSA & Co'  L1A1 7.62  in Black

2014-01-01 00.00.46.jpg


Australian Lithgow manufactured L1A1 in wood



Limited Edtion :  Royal Marines Artic Warfare L1A1 version

2014-01-01 00.00.04.jpg


Limited Edtion:   British L1A1  Fitted with mark 2 version bypod

                   used in British Army Sangin gun emplacement towers

2014-01-01 00_00_53.webp
sangin narthern ireland.webp


Falklands era British Army L1A1 Fitted with Trilux L2A2 Scope and mount

2014-01-01 00_01_46.webp


One Only:  British Army 'Artic Warfare'  L1A1  Service Rifle



    Make sure you have a variation for  7.62 or 7.62/308  on your FAC.                                   These L1A1's are proofed and stamped as 7.62 

                  We cannot except just 308 on your FAC

Please Note

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