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WW2  Colt 1911A1   45acp   dated 1942   Remington Rand         'U.S  ARMY ' Stamped and with its original holster 

                                Pre 95 Spec   

            Fully Dry firing and totally Strippable  

UZI  Semi Automatic 9mm Sub machine Gun

                      Pre 95  deactivation

                    Dry firing & Strippable

 Live  firearms            


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WW1 BSA Number 1 Mk3  1915  Sht-LE    .303   Sniper Rifle

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WW1 Winchester A5 Sniper Rifle   .303   Enfield manufactured 1916

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Very Rare  BSA Long Lee Floating Charger Loader  dated 1902

                      Converted at the British Indian Factory

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British Army L1A1 Service Rifle  date 1970

               Singapore Police Force

WW1  BSA Number 1 Mk3   date  1914    .303          

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Below is the new stock of Deactivated Weapons

Just come in

Deactivated Machine guns & Rifles


WW1 Officers .22  training Webley Revolver

                Dry firing and fully strippable

Sterling Mark 7 Para  Pistol 9mm A4


WW2  Number 4 Mk1*   1942  Savage early production number

Glock 17   9mm  GEN 2 Pistol

         WW1  Webley MkVI   1915 dated  .455  British  Officers Revolver

                                                    Private Purchase

                                       Fully Dry firing and Strippable

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WW2  Sten Gun Mark V    EU20/UK Lovely condition                                Only £625.00

 ArmaLite  AR10 one of the first ever made (1957) 

      Pre 95  deactivation (1994)  dry firing / strippable


BSA L1A1  1964  Pre 95  (1987) deactivation

              Dry firing and field strippable

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2014-01-01 00.02.46.jpg

Pre 95 Spec Old Spec Model 49/57 Submachine gun 

              Dry firing & Fully Field Strippable


                Tokarev TT33  Russian Pistol

                         Very good condition

            Fully dry firing and totally strippable

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2014-01-01 00.02.14.jpg

Rare  1940 dated 'Dunkirk' Canadian Dove Tail MK1 Bren Gun

                 Early deactivation   Removable barrel 

2020-01-01 00.01.27.jpg

G3  German  SLR Service Rifle     7.62 x 51    date   1974

                             EU19/UK   Spring bolt


STAR 9mm Sub machine gun       EU20/UK Spec


Vietnam era  US  Colt M16A1  .556     Spring bolt

WW1 Maxim  8mm Revolver


UZI  Semi Automatic 9mm Sub machine Gun

                      Pre 95  deactivation

                    Dry firing & Strippable

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British Government 1936 Troop trials  ZGB33   .303 

              George V proof Stamped (pre 1935)

                 Uk Spec   Dry firing strippable


WW1  Artillery Luger Pistol  1917  armed with the 32 round Snail T.M. drum

                         Imperial German Artillery Battery Gunners unit 

                                  Dry firing and totally strippable


Russian RDP Light Machine Gun

DSCF0043 (1).JPG

WW2  Sten Gun Mark V  s/n 233552  EU20/UK Lovely condition                                              Only £625.00

lWW2  Sten Gun Mark V  s/n 54712  EU20/UK Lovely condition                                          Only £625.00

Rhodesian  Lacoste LDP   9mm Sub Machine gun

               Early spec  Dry firing / Strippable


WW2 Russian M44  Carbine   dated 1944    Tula Arms Plant

                                Dry firing and Strippable

WW2  Sten Gun Mark V  s/n 232354  EU20/UK Lovely condition                                               Only £625.00

WW2  Sten Gun Mark V  s/n 236167  EU20/UK Lovely condition                                         Only £625.00

WW2  Sten Gun Mark V  s/n 57915  EU20/UK Lovely condition                                            Only £625.00

WW2  Sten Gun Mark V  s/n 34203  EU20/UK Lovely condition                                             Only £625.00

Vietnam era   Colt M16A1    .556   Service Rifle 

                                Spring Bolt


Royal Irish Constabulary Issued  Mini 14   .223  (1973 )

                (British Government Bayonet version)


WW2  Sten Gun Mklll  9mm   1942   Lines Brothers

                                  Bolt works 

WW1  London Small Arms   SMLE   dated 1918  No1 Mklll Service Rifle

                                              Waxed not varnished

                                                       Royal Navy 


              Auto-Ordnance Manufactured  1944

Thompson M1A1  Pre 95  (1992) deactivation

              Serial no 708313 dates to March-April 1944

                                  Dry firing and field strippable

   Vietnam era Springfield Armoury M1 Garand  3006

                                    serial no 5342681

2014-01-01 00.02.27.jpg
2014-01-01 00.02.02.jpg

M1 Garand FKF   7.62   Danish Army issue

WW2  Colt 1911  1942   Remington Rand  9mm    'U.S  ARMY ' Stamped

                                                  Pre 95 Spec   

                              Fully Dry firing and totally Strippable  

                                         with its original holster 

2014-01-01 00.05.57.jpg

  WW1 Vickers Machine Gun  'K' Series  1918

                           in Transit Case

                Dry firing and fully Strippable

                Sympathetically  deactivated

            WW2 German K98   7.92  Mauser 

       captured by Western Allies after WW2

           Given to Yugoslavia 'Preduzece 44'

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