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Sparkbrook Guns

Help is at hand if you’re looking for Lee Enfield rifles manufactured at Sparkbrook’s Royal Small Arms Factory. At Enfield Guns, we offer a vast range of rifles and are a noted supplier of Sparkbrook guns, which we not only sell but restore too. You can get in touch with us at any time if you do have any queries about what we can do for you, so why drop us a line at your earliest opportunity? Each Sparkbrook rifle we sell is cleaned, inspected and reassembled to the highest standard, with any unsafe components being replaced. We can also assist you if you are searching for spares and accessories such as ammo, wood parts and gun boxes.


Reach an Informed Decision


We have vast product knowledge and are always on hand to provide in-depth information about the products in our catalogue. Each and every customer can expect the highest level of service and guidance, which means they always get the chance to reach an informed decision on purchases. Why not drop us a line on 07840 757238 today to learn more about our range of refurbished Sparkbrook guns? We can provide all the advice you need, so call today if you’re looking for a Lee Enfield for sale.


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