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 WW1 Enfield No1 Mklll*  former Sniper Rifle  dated 1917

                  Returned to standard SMLE   Weedon 1921

     This is a very nice all matching numbers  WW1 Enfield .303 believed to be a former

WW1 British Army Sniper rifle.   

      At the end of WW1 all sniper rifles were return to stock but in 1921 the dictum of post WW1 was they was no need for sniper rifles,  it was commonly believed at the time that the Great War was the end of all wars.

      The decision was made at the War office to break up all the British Army sniper rifles and return them to stock service rifle.  The scopes were sold off to the trade and the former WW1 sniper rifle program was deemed obsolete.   

       In 1921 R.S.A.F (depot) Weedon was contracted to break up all the sniper rifles and return the to stock as service rifles.  All holes were wielded as to conform to the standard SMLE rifle configuration. 

      Military Armoury's were trained to a very high degree and it is almost impossible to notice there workmanship as in this case.    


Very neat high quaintly military wielding  



Nice clean stamps and all matching numbers including it original common numbed barrel .


  This rifle will not set the world alight but its very interesting from a collectors point of view .  


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