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Number 1 Mk.lll Guns

If you're keen to add a Lee Enfield No.1 Mk.III gun to your collection, take a closer look at Enfield Guns. This established company stocks an impressive selection of stripped, cleaned, inspected and reassembled rifles, making it the first point of call for those looking to buy Lee Enfield guns in the UK. The No.1 Mk.III was the main battle rifle of British and Commonwealth forces during World War 1. Introduced in 1907, this iconic rifle has seen plenty of action throughout the 20th century.


A Reputable Supplier


There are a number of companies selling Number 1 Mk.III guns in the UK, yet not all are reputable suppliers. Enfield Guns has been marketing Lee Enfield rifles for many years and is highly respected in the Enfield community. As well as selling rifles, the firm also supplies a range of weapon spares and accessories to meet your needs. The team are always on hand to share their knowledge and expertise, so don't hesitate to call them on 07840 757238. They'll do their best to assist in any way they can. Browse the website to find out more about the company or to peruse its catalogue of Enfield rifles. 

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