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                                  WW2  Nazi  manufactured ZB30 

Waffern factory code WaA26 for Mauser-Werke, Borsigwalde 1938-44

    This is a remarkable find,  this Nazi ZB30 is 100% Nazi military light machine, built from parts from the German overrun Brno factory in Czechoslovakian.  


     These parts were then shipped to the Mauser-Werke, Borsigwalde in Berlin were they were built into complete ZB30  light machine guns. 


      This  ZB30 has the Waffern Eagle stamp WaA 26 for Mauser-Werke, Borsigwalde.  There are no Brno factory factory stamps anywhere on this ZB30,  just the waffern stamp for Mauser-Werke (WaA26)

       On the bolt of this ZB30 is stamped Hk for Heinrich Krieghoff Waffenfabrik who proofed and tested the ZB30's light machine guns before being issued out to the SS and the German police.  

        Heinrich Krieghoff Waffenfabrik factory is based in UlmTübingenBaden-Württemberg in the South of Germany and was contract to proof and test all ZB30's after they left the Mauser factory in Berlin.


        This ZB30 looks like it was built yesterday, the condition is of museum quality. 


        The magazine has the WW2 waffern stamp factory war code WaA63 for Waffenwerke Brunn which was the German factory code for the Zbrojovka Brno factory.  It was renamed to Waffenwerke Brunn after the Germans overrun the factory, it carried  on production of the ZB30 for the Wehrmacht and the Waffen-SS until 1945.

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Nazi Eagle with WaA26 stamped on receiver

          What makes this ZB30 very rare is there are no commercial markings, no crests of a commercial contract of any kind,  just the Nazi Waffern stamp.     

          What maybe happened ?   maybe by the time this ZB30 was being manufactured the war was on the turn and the Russian were getting too close the the Brno factory in Czechoslovakian .   Parts were shipped to Mauser factory in Berlin to be assembled into the complete gun just in case the factory in  Czechoslovakian was overrun by the Russians.

           This was a common practice after the Russian offensive in the east when the Germans were starting to loosening ground to the Russians.


         This ZB30 can be stripped down (see photo above )  and is dry firing