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WW1  Winchester  P14   .303  Service Rifle

      This WW1 Winchester P14  .303 Service rifle is in very good condition for 109 years old.

      The Pattern 1914 Enfield had a large, strong bolt action made from nickel-steel, and the bolt travel is long, as it was designed for the dimensionally large and powerful .303 Enfield cartridge.

     The bolt action had a G98 Mauser type claw extractor and two forward lugs,  there was also a rear safety lug formed by the base of the bolt handle sitting in a recess in the receiver.


     Much faster and smoother to operate than a Model G98 Mauser, the bolt was well-supported throughout its travel and the camming action on opening and closing the bolt facilitated ease and speed of operation. The unusual 'dog-leg' shaped bolt handle is low profile and places the bolt knob just rearwards of the trigger close to the firer's hand, again facilitating rapid cycling and fire.      Like the Lee–Enfield, the safety falls under the firer's thumb and can be operated silently.


 Nice clean smooth  action on this rifle, it grouped a 4' at 100 meters down the range



You can see the volley plate is still in place unlike other Mk1*


The rear butt has a nice original cartouche which are very rare to find after 109 years


Overal a very nice clean rifle that has kept its accuracy



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