WW1  Winchester A5 Sniper Rifle  .303   Enfield 1916

This WW1 Winchester A5 Scoped sniper rifle was designed by the London Gunsmiths 'Whitehead Bros' .

Approved by the war office in late 1914 and production started at the Enfield factory in early 1915.  This 1916 Number 1 Mklll* version is 100% correct for the 1916 run.

After WW1 all variants of the SMLE sniper rifles were sent to ROF Weedon in 1921 for the removal of there scopes and the scopes were sold of to the trade and the rifles were returned to Central stores as standard SMLE's.

There are military records from Weedon and the War Department that confirm all WW1 SMLE sniper rifles went to Weedon and none were saved.  

This rifle we understand was found to still have the mounting holes for a Winchester A5 Sniper rifle scope mounts. 

On the left hand side wrist of the receiver is stamped 21  (1921) and Weedon  inspector stamp TC.

Above is a genuine Winchester A5 Scope and Genuine WW1 Scope mounts. The rifle is dated 1916 and is a Mklll* and Enfield stamped

Below is the Kings Head for George V and the Enfield stamp.

                          Below is Stock disc 


                                     3  11

The butt is stamped with in & out service markings.

Below you can see all the Winchester scope in details

This rifle is all common numbered

Very nice clean rifle with a very good bore and has a smooth action.



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