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WW1  Winchester  P14  303    Service Rifle

This has come out of the  'Hans Günter Collection'

   This is a very nice condition Winchester P14   303 Service Rifle, the action is smooth.  The barrel has very good rifling and is equipped with a volley sight.

   The P14 had a long history before WW1 as the new British Army service rifle and was to be chambered in rimless .276 British rather than the rimed .303 but WW1 put a stop to that. 

   Based on a German Mauser action with a five round magazine it was a very strong rifle.  Due to all the British Arms factories in the manufacture of the Short-Magazine Lee Enfield there was no factory capacity for manufacturing the P14.

   The contract was given to Winchester and Remington in the USA who did have the capacity to manufacture the P14.

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This is a good shooting WW1 P14 Service rifle in excellent condition