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WW1 British Officers Webley .455  MkVI Service Revolver dated 1918

                                      Deactivated in 1991

     This British Officers WW1 Service revolver is a pre 95 (1991) deactivation and has a clear cylinder which is a rare find.


     Only the very early deactivated Webley .455 had clear cylinders as in late 1995 the law changed and a restrictor plate had to be fitted from 8th October 1995, this stopped any inert rounds being chambered into the cylinder.  This law applied to all revolvers not just the Webley .455 from 8th October 1995.

    This Webley was deactivated in 1991 and is now quite rare to find and it can legally chamber a  .455 inert round as this deactivation was pre 8th October 1995.

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      The Webley MkVI was the last in a long line of British Army Service Revolvers going back to before the Boar War.

     The Webley was chambered in the British .455 round and was used by the Officer Classes and miner's ( digging under the German lines).

     The Webley .455 had a very long service life from 1887 to 1947 and is still used today in the distance parts of the world.

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     The Webley is dated 1918 and is in very good condition 104 years old, almost certainly seen service in the Great War as it has a British Army acceptance broad arrow and British Army proof stamps and the revolver is common numbered  371679.

   This is idea for the serious collectors who require Dry firing and fully strippable and can legally chamber an inert round.