Rare Pre 95 Deactivated   7.62 x 39   Type 56-2  AK47

          Fully dry firing and can be field stripped  

The strange fact is that the Chinese PolyTech Poly Tech AKS-762 56S-2 56 Bakelite side folding stock AK47 in the UK  are very rare,  there are a few post 95 deactivations and only a very few are pre 95 and to understand why you have to go back in time,  to 1989 in fact.

In 1989 the USA gun law changed banning the Type 56-2 from being imported in to the USA    The Roberti-Roos Assault Weapons Control Act of 1989 


              The Type 56-2 was manufactured at the Chinese State Operated Arms Company  'Norinco'  (China North Industries Group Corporation Limited) and until the early 1980's all arms exports the the west were banned. That is until an American Company called Interarms came on the scene.

Samuel Cummings was an American small arms dealer who founded the International Armament Corporation in 1953, a company which came to dominate the free world market in private arms sales.


In 1988 Interarms did a deal with the Chinese Arms Company 'Norinco' for 15 thousand Type 56-1 and a few  ( unknown amount ) Type 56-2 which he planned to import into the USA in 1989-1990.

That's when things started going down hill fast for Interarms,  the Type 56-2 left China by ship destine for the USA. but the US State department banned the importation under the new The Roberti-Roos Assault Weapons Control Act of 1989  ,  so Interarms had a big problem, they needed a country that would except this arms shipment. 


If no country would be willing to except the arms shipment  then almost certainly the cargo would have been dumped at sea.

 One of the only countries that was open to this large shipment was the UK

so Interarms set up a base in Manchester hoping to move on the shipment.

This never happened as during this time the owner of Interarms died ,  so a few were sold off the be deactivated by section five dealers .  This Type 56-2 is one of those first to be sold off to the UK Trade and was deactivated in 1992.


After a few were sold off the rest were transfer to a large military firearms dealer in the South of England who stored them for many years and these were sold off to the trade but after the new post 95 deactivation regulations came in.

This Rifle

This Type 56-2 was deactivated in 1992 and is fully dry firing and can be field stripped. 

This pre 95 Type 56-2 can be supplied with a Type  56-2 (type 2 bayonet) if required.

         Fully dry firing and totally strippable 

 The receiver fire control system is untouched

This is a very rare item and today you can still not ship it the the USA !



Please make sure all your export and importation paperwork is in place and CORRECT before purchasing the item