Russian Pre-WWII Tokarev TT-33 made in 1937

Russian WW2  Tokarev  TT33     Date  1937     7.63 x 25   

This is an good example of a very hard to find 1937 dated Soviet TT33 Tokarev Pistol in Early deactivated condition (1997) in fully working order.   In 75% original very sharp condition which is  impossible to find for these hard used WW2 era Tokarevs, we have a very scarce low production year 1937 dated Tula Arsenal made TT.33 pistol.


 The pistol is completely factory original.    This is one of the few pistols produced in 1937 as production was not large that year as World War  2 was not yet on the horizon.










  The TT-33
The TT-33 existed as a further developed and modified form of the base TT-30. The TT-33 made use of machined locking lugs all around the barrel as opposed to the top-mounted lugs found on the TT-30 to help facilitate production. The sub-assembly was revised to an extent as was the frame and trigger. Like most other war-time equipment fielded by the Red Army, the finish of most TT-33s suffered even before entering combat. However, once in action, this rarely detracted from the functional stopping power of the TT-33 mechanism. The pistol proved relatively accurate, highly lethal, reliable and robust - handy qualities during the house-to-house fighting that raged throughout the closing days of World War 2. The selected round did prove something of note, however, for it was a high-powered projectile producing a fair amount of recoil and showcasing a high muzzle velocity - thus deteriorating ranged accuracy to an extent - especially when compared to its contemporaries.
























Year: 1937
Manufacturer(s): Tula Arsenal - Soviet Union
Roles: Close Quarters Battle (CQB)/Personal Security; Sidearm;

Action: Semi-Automatic; Short-Recoil Actuated; Locked Breech
Caliber(s): 7.62x25mm Tokarev
Sights: Rear Notch; Front Blade.
Overall Length: 194 mm (7.64 in)
Barrel Length: 116 mm (4.57 in)
Weight (Unloaded): 1.86 lb (0.84 kg)

Muzzle Velocity: 1,378 feet-per-second (420 meters-per-second)
Effective Range: 164 ft (50 m; 55 yd)

Operators: Afghanistan; Angola; China; Congo-Brazzaville; Egypt; Guinea-Bissau; Iraq; Kyrgyzstan; Laos; Libya; Madagascar; Malta; Mongolia; Mozambique; Romania; Soviet Union; Vietnam; Yugoslavia; Zambia; Zimbabwe