Thompson 1928 A1   Sub machine gun in its Transit case

This is a very rare Thompson 1928 sub machine gun in 45 ACP fitted in its complete original Transit case.

                       Come out of a large collection of top quality Militaria 

This is a Savage manufacture 1928 A1  Serial no  S.248094  for Auto-Ordnance Corporation, Bridgeport, Connecticut, USA

What make this Thompson 1928A1 rare is 'TOMMY GUN' stamped onto the top of the upper receiver. Only 150 Thompsons 1928's were ever stamped, this was to comply with the Lend Lease Agreement . 

It has one 50 round drum magazine  ( above) and two 10 round Drum magazines plus five 20 round stick magazines. 

The Original Transit case is made from American Pine wood and the inside

shows a lot of age to the un-painted pine.  This is typical USA of the time.