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   WW2   Auto-Ordnance Thompson M1A1


                   All matching numbers

This Auto-Ordnance Thompson M1A1 is in fantastic condition for a Genuine WW2

1944  Thompson M1A1   .45acp  Sub machine gun. 


 Deactivated in 1992 to the old 95 spec, it is fully dry firing and totally Field strippable

and it has fully matching numbers. 

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It retains all its original finish and all marking are very clear to read.

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To date any US Military gun it is the serial number that days the year of manufacture and in this case is early 1944.

Like all pre 95 deactivations everything is still working and this Thompson has a very smooth and crisp dry firing action.

It is now getting very hard to find any pre 95,   especially in this 100% original condition.


US Property stamped but no lend-lease stamp which makes this a US Army issued Thompson. 


There is a small 's' stamped on the rear of the bolt spring is indicated this was a Savage production Thompson.

                        All common numbered upper and lower receiver

This is a 100%  Collectors Grade M1A1 Thompson and to find it in this condition is very rare indeed.

                                                     Priced to sell