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WW2 Thompson  Auto-Ordnance  M1A   45acp  Sub machine Gun

                        Fully dry firing and totally Strippable

                              Deactivated 18/12/1992   (pre 95 Spec)

        Just come on to the market is this rare and 100% Original Auto-Ordnance Thompson M1A Sub Machine gun,  this is a Genuine Thompson WW2 USA  Army version which came over with the US troops in late 1943.

       It was mainly used by US Army Paratroopers and Rangers but later was used by US ground troops.  

        This is not your normal  'lend lease' Thompsons that were supplied to the British and stamped 'Lend Lease' that  make up 80% of the Thompsons in the UK at the moment.


       This is a Auto-Ordnance manufactured Thompson and not a Savage manufactured Thompson, which in collectors terms is a big deal as any WW2 militaria collector will tell you.


      Auto-Ordnance manufactured Thompsons are much harder to find as production was slow compared with the high production of the Savage factory.

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Even during WW2 the Thompson Sub machine gun was a very expensive gun to manufacture and Auto Ordnance were not geared up for high production work. 


Even when the Savage plant went into full production,  it was still never enough to supply the US Army let alone anyone else.

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Below is the serial number and please note there is no prefix 'S' for Savage which is almost the only way of knowing who manufactured a Thompson. This Serial is for Auto Ordnance.

                      This is a pure M1A and no a earlier convert M1 to a M1A.

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Unlike most WW2 Sub machines the Thompson was manufacture from two billet steel, one for the upper and the other for the lower receivers and this cost a fortune to manufacture in man hours and machine time.

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This is an excellent US Army collectors piece for anyone who collects Genuine  WW2 US Army firearms.  

As you see from the all the photos this is a  Sympathetically Pre 95 deactivation and this whole gun can be totally stripped down and it has a smooth dry fire.