Steyr Mannlicher Model 1905 Semi-Automatic Pistol

                    An improved version of the Model 1901, the 1905 was adopted by the Argentine military, where it was known as the Modelo 1905 (this particular example is not from that contract). Fixed blade front sight and notch rear sight. The action is fed from a 10 round internal magazine and is loaded by charger clips

                 Marked on the left side is "SYSTEM/ MANNLICHER/ Md. 1905/ WAFFENFABRIK/ STEYR", on the back strap spur. The underside of the frame and right side of barrel are numbered "1051", with the frame, barrel and chamber numbered "5231" .








                    Very fine, with 70% of the blue finish. The side panels of the frame have turned a brown patina and very good overall. Grips are good, with some pressure dents and scuffs. Mechanically excellent.


                        This pistol can be stripped down and can be Dry Fired